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Express yourself with an elegant writing style.

Write with appropriate and interesting words, phrases, and sentences.

Keep a reader's attention and interest.


Grammarian PRO3 v3.5.4

macOS 14 Sonoma Ready

Works on Sonoma.
Works on Ventura.


Grammarian's AutoComplete speeds up typing when it correctly predicts the word that a user intends to enter after only a few characters have been typed. Grammarian provides two selection popup window styles, Horizontal bar and Vertical popup.


Apple NLP Natural Language

Grammarian PRO3 leverages the Apple NLP Natural Language framework.

This adds to Grammarian's built-in NLP options and enhances the accuracy of NLP tagging. Grammarian now incorporates this to train and deploy natural language models.

Apple NLP Natural Language

And so much more...

Main Grammar Check Document View

Grammarian PRO3

Grammarian PRO3, the professional writer's tool kit, is the ultimate Mac grammar checking writing tool to combat those embarrassing writing errors that everyone tends to make.

Apple Mac Needs a Good Grammar Check.

And it has one! Apple's built-in service + Grammarian PRO3 = A Professional Writer's Dream. Total grammar and spelling checking power EVERYWHERE!

Adding Grammarian PRO3 together with Apple's built-in spelling/grammar service makes Grammarian PRO3 the grammar and spelling extension of the entire macOS. Grammarian PRO3 now produces the red spelling and green grammar squiggly underlining. Grammarian PRO3 is a great add-on for the Mac.

Check grammar and spelling everywhere.

Check grammar and spelling automatically or manually in emails on the Apple Mac, check grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation in FaceBook and Twitter within Safari, and check grammar and spelling everywhere interactively as-you-type. Grammarian PRO3 is the best professional grammar check writing solution.

Universal interactive checking spelling/grammar service

A universal interactive grammar check.

A universal interactive grammar check, contextual spelling check, punctuation check, dictionary, thesaurus, AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, and AutoType tool that virtually works within every program on your Mac computer. Seamless integration into macOS.

Avoid manual copy/pasting and keep all the formatting of your original text. Grammarian PRO3 is a useful tool for those of us who plug away at documents on our Macs.

Keep your writing private and safe.

Why hand over your hard-earned work to an internet stranger? Keep your valuable copyrighted text in safekeeping on your own computer instead of sharing your private text with online grammar checker companies. We do not collect your text data.

Grammarian PRO3 is a self-contained app that privately works offline to check your text. Feel safe with us!

Why You Need Grammarian PRO3

A few reasons:

  • Grammarian PRO3 is the world's first grammar checker originally developed on an Apple II in 1983. It is time-tested and is the best grammar checker ever made. This Mac grammar checker is undoubtedly the best!

  • Check grammar and check spelling here, there, and everywhere. Wherever you write, Grammarian PRO3's Mac grammar checker is there. Grammarian PRO3's grammar checker features are universally available, anywhere you enter text, in all apps-word processors, email, web browsers, and all other apps.

  • Easy and powerful. Convenient and easy to use. All grammar checker functions are accessed from a global universal macOS system menu.

  • Automatically save time and keystrokes. With Grammarian PRO3's AutoType, you type a few letters and Grammarian PRO3 automatically expands them. Save precious time and keystrokes. Insert standard greetings, phrases, and signatures as formatted text. Correct typos automatically. Insert the current date and time in any preferred format. And do so much more.

  • Grammarian's AutoComplete, or word completion, predicts the current word being typed. Use this powerful feature to save time and keystrokes. Achieve new levels of conciseness and accuracy.

    Qualified and reporting for duty. Whether you are writing an email, a school class essay, scientific article, or your PhD Doctoral Dissertation, Grammarian PRO3 will assist you along the way. Remembering all the proper grammar and spelling rules can be difficult. Implementing those rules is another matter entirely. Let Grammarian PRO3 help you. After all, Grammarian PRO3 has over 30 years of dedicated educational research and is qualified to assist you.

Feature-rich all-in-one Grammarian PRO3:

  • Grammarian PRO3 X checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, phrase usage, and more. Grammarian PRO3 X reads through your text and analyzes each sentence for potential grammar, spelling, and punctuation problems.

  • Has much more grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking power than the limited and crippled checkers in Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Office™, macOS, and online checkers. See our Grammar Checkers: Comparisons Testing

  • Has over 300 built-in primary grammar, spelling, and punctuation check writing rules compared to MS Office's 26 error corrections.

  • Checks homophones-words that sound the same but are spelled differently such as it's for its, accept for except, loose for lose, to for too and two, and many more.

  • Grammatical reference aid displays grammatical parts of speech and linear sentence diagraming, to assist with evaluating the right choice of corrections.

Grammarian PRO3 Menu and Lookup
  • Check spelling interactively as you type or all at once after you type.

  • Grammarian PRO3 works in word processors, email apps, and web browsers, almost anywhere that you can enter text.

  • Write faster, better, and with more confidence using Grammarian PRO3's extensive AutoType and AutoCorrect features.

  • Grammarian PRO3 corrects typo mistakes, grammar errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors in or out of context, phrase usage, and punctuation errors. Grammarian PRO3's AutoType feature will save you much time by typing your commonly-used words, phrases, and paragraphs for you.

  • Conveniently look up words, meanings, and more, using the built-in dictionary and thesaurus.

  • Quickly modify and clean up text. Analyze your writing using Grammarian PRO3's statistics and statistics analysis functionality.

Check grammar and spelling

Grammarian PRO3's Mac grammar checker works interactively or in batch correction mode and automatically starts working in your favorite apps to correct spelling, grammar, phrase usage, and punctuation. Use the built-in dictionary assistant to look up definitions and verify the correct choice of words. AutoCorrect corrects many spelling mistakes automatically as you type. Also, create styled-text AutoType shorthand macros that will automatically type your commonly used signature phrases. Checks your spelling, grammar, phrase usage, and punctuation interactively as you type!

Check grammar and spelling as you type

Grammarian interactive grammar check and spelling check When interactive checking is turned on, Grammarian PRO3 watches what you type so you can make corrections as you are writing. Grammarian PRO3 can alert you when an error is detected with your choice of selectable sounds or voices. You can set different alert sounds for each error type. Whenever Grammarian PRO3 sees that you have made an error, a list of suggested words appears. You can choose to see the list in a window or in a pop-up menu list. The list is comprehensive; and so, when you find the correct word, simply double-click it with the mouse or type in the number beside the right word. Grammarian PRO3 will instantly and automatically type the correction for you.

Check grammar and spelling anytime

Grammar Check All Selection To check your document after you've finished typing, use Grammarian PRO3's 'Check Selection...' command. Grammarian PRO3 pastes corrections into your document all at once. Interactive checking and after-the-fact checking aren't mutually exclusive. Let Grammarian PRO3 check your grammar and spelling as you type and also check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation afterwards all at once just before you send off your document. Grammarian PRO3 maintains all style formatting in your documents. Web browser copy/paste grammar checkers do not maintain document character formatting. Only Grammarian PRO3 keeps all document character formatting intact everywhere.

Our grammar checker works great with Apple Mail and Apple Pages. It's undoubtedly the best Mac grammar checker software.

Improve All Writing

Academic, business, professional, publishing, technical, and creative writing require unique styles of editing. Grammarian adapts to your writing needs and ensures that no whatever your project is, your grammar is ideal. Just choose the grammar writing style of the piece of writing that you need edited. Download Grammarian now to get started.

Students and educators
Research Papers, term papers, book reports and essays
Job Applicants
Edit resumes, application forms, cover letters
Business writers
Refine emails and proposals
Professional Writers and copywriters
Grammar instruction manuals and ads
Authors and Copy Writers
Proofread editorials, articles, and blog posts

The Best Grammar Checker - Catch More Errors

Many available subpar online English grammar checkers claim to be the best but rarely catch common spelling and grammar mistakes. Our grammar checker identifies more grammatical errors with better accuracy. Our grammar checker provides the best grammar check available.

Grammarian PRO3 types automatically

Let Grammarian PRO3 fix typo mistakes, smarten punctuation, finish what you've started to type, and do the repetitive typing for you. Automatically, instantly, invisibly-often without you even noticing.

AutoType-Automatic typing of styled text

Grammarian PRO3 can save many hours of typing and wear and stress on your hands and wrists-all by typing for you. Using Grammarian PRO3's AutoType typing expansion feature, you can create self-expanding AutoType shorthand abbreviations that save you typing and ensure spelling consistency. Create hundreds of shortcuts to boilerplate text responses, long URLs, entire signatures, addresses, names, phrases-anything you find yourself typing repeatedly. Grammarian PRO3's AutoType shorthand expansions can include dates and times, formatted almost any way you'd like.

AutoCorrect-instantly fix typo mistakes

Grammarian PRO3 automatically corrects many commonly misspelled words and typo mistakes. Grammarian PRO3 includes a list of over 4,000 common typos (for US English) and spelling mistakes. Add your own automatic corrections-there's virtually no limit of the quantity that you can create and use!

Let Grammarian PRO3 automatically fix those DOubled CApitals, capitalize the first word of a sentence, and fix capitalization of proper nouns-instantly and automatically. Write like a professional-have Grammarian PRO3 automatically "smarten" quotation marks and other punctuation to be typographically correct. Grammarian PRO3 does it all.

Grammarian PRO3's dictionary and thesaurus

Use Grammarian PRO3's thesaurus to find synonyms and related words. Grammarian PRO3's built-in U.S. English thesaurus offers over two million entries for almost 250,000 words. Entry words contain definitions and parts of speech.

Finding the right word couldn't be easier. Look up the word selected in your document, or look up a word that you type into the Lookup window.

Grammarian PRO3's grammar check and spelling check error catching

Avoid embarrassing mistakes with the world's #1 grammar checker

Grammar Checker Error List According to comparative studies, Grammarian PRO X has always been the leader of grammar checking and spelling checking. And now again, nothing comes close to the accuracy, conciseness, quality, and intellectual power of Grammarian PRO3.

Grammarian PRO3 has the most comprehensive grammar error checking capability. Nothing has ever matched Grammarian's completeness. You rely on the creditability of the grammar checking and spell checking application, and accuracy is the key to creditability. And Grammarian PRO3 has over 300 built-in primary grammar check and spelling check writing rules compared to MS Office's 26 error corrections.

Writing Rules, Phrase Usage, Grammar Check, and Punctuation Check

Grammar checking is categorized into writing rules and writing styles. This allows you to customize Grammarian PRO3's grammar check according to your current or projected writing style. Errors are grouped into phrase usage, grammar mechanics, and punctuation. Check for stylistic phrase usage errors such as Bookish Phrases, Cliches, Compound Words, Euphemisms, Formal, Faulty, French, Generic, Informal, Latin, Overly Formal, Racial, Redundant, Sexist, Collegiate, Vague, Wordy, Legal, and more.

Check for textbook reference grammar errors as Grammar Mechanics. Grammar check errors of this type now range from elementary to undergraduate course study. The grammar check error classes of this type include Misplaced Squinting Modifiers, Dangling Modifiers, Missing Prepositions, Subject-Verb Agreement, Antecedent Reference, Improper Parallelism, Double Negatives, and so many, many more.

With over 30 years of research and NLP lab work, Grammarian PRO3 provides you with the most sophisticated selection of error checking ever. This is capable only because of Grammarian's underlying Linguistic technologies and innovative connective algorithms designed and owned by Linguisoft. Decades of research and innovative design make this possible. Simple Natural Language Processing, Generative Grammar, Structural Linguistics, and Cognitive Linguistics are primitive caveman terms compared with today's standards of Linguisoft's Grammarian PRO3.

Grammar Checker Writing Rules
Grammarian PRO3 comes with ten default preset English Writing rules that can be set to check for your desired writing style. Tailor the checking writing style on the fly to your satisfaction. Grammarian gives a comprehensive Writing Rules preference window to allow any rule to be turned on or off.

According to comparative studies, Grammarian PRO X has always been the leader of grammar checking and spelling checking. And now again, nothing comes close to the accuracy, quality, and intellectual power of Grammarian PRO3.

Spelling Check

Grammarian PRO3, the most powerful spell checking in the world, includes contextual spell checking and additionally checks for such spelling errors as: word compounding, homophones, spelling out numbers in a sentence, capitalizing of proper nouns, and more. ONLY Grammarian PRO3 even makes spelling suggestions based on how words are contextually used in the sentence.

Homophones-not misspelled but spelling is incorrect...

Have you ever used the word it's as a possessive pronoun when you meant to use its. Or maybe you wrote to complement someone instead of compliment them. Well, these words are not misspelled but the spelling is incorrect depending on the context that the words are used. Grammarian PRO3's grammar checker spots correctly spelled words that used in the wrong context. No more embarrassing typos like it's-its, complement-compliment, then-than, to-two-too, lose-loose. Homophones are common grammar and spelling errors. And common spelling checkers cannot catch these errors. Grammarian PRO3's grammar checker easily catches them, and other than a trained human editor, ONLY Grammarian PRO3 catches them.

If you are a dyslexic typist, Grammarian PRO3 now helps you more than ever. Grammarian PRO3's grammar check and spell check has the most comprehensive homophone checking ever. Nothing has ever before been successfully capable of checking and correcting these types of grammar and spelling errors.

And true multilingual spell checking

Check spelling in up to 17 different languages simultaneously:

  • U.S. Flag US English
  • British Flag British English
  • French Flag French
  • Canadian Flag Canadian English
  • German Flag German
  • Swiss German Flag Swiss German
  • Italian Flag Italian
  • Spanish Flag Spanish
  • Swedish Flag Swedish
  • Dutch Flag Dutch
  • Australian Australian
  • Portugal Flag Portuguese
  • Brazil Flag Brazilian Portuguese
  • Denmark Flag Danish
  • Japan Flag Japanese
  • Turkey Flag Turkish
  • Norway Flag Norwegian

Multiple languages simultaneously, available everywhere.

Get Statistics and Analyze the Statistics

Grammar Check Ststistics Screenshot Use Grammarian PRO3's Statistics to determine your document's readability, along with the number of paragraphs, sentences, words, characters-even syllables. Check how interesting your writing is (Human Interest) and how difficult it is to read (Reading Ease). And let Grammarian PRO3 show what famous writing that is comparable with your writing.

Use the Statistics Analysis to show sentence-by-sentence graphs of Sentence Length, Human interest, Readability, Passive Sentences, Nominalizations, and Coherence words and phrases. Check for conciseness.

Your professional advantage

Write, edit, and review. Use Grammarian PRO3's professional Statistics tools to review your writing in order to target your audience.

What's New in PRO3

Gramar Check Document checking

Grammarian What's New

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Grammarian PRO3: Grammar Checker by Linguisoft
by Linguisoft


Grammarian PRO3 Grammarian PRO3: Grammar Checker and Spelling Checker

Grammarian PRO3


Download the Grammarian PRO3 app and install. The app provides a 7 day (full free) demo + the free limited service therafter. Buy a premium activation license to unlock Free to Full-Featured PRO3 Premium.

Check Your Text Online

Try our grammar checker. Free-limited service. References: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, APA Style, MLA Style, The Elements of Style, William Strunk

grammar check markup

New: Grammarian PRO3 Grammar Check Grammarian PRO3

Phi Delta Kappan
Grammar check review: Education/Phi Delta Kappan

Grammar check markup/similar words 10 Most Common Grammar Mistakes to Check For In Your Writing

And Grammarian PRO3's grammar check catches them for you:

1) They're vs Their vs There

Their less likely to cause trouble. They're less likely to cause trouble.

Their is a new house down the street. There is a new house down the street.

2) Its vs It's

Its a good day today. → It's a good day today.

3) Then vs Than

It was larger then the requirement stated. It was larger than the requirement stated.

4) Dangling Modifiers

Having walked on the bridge, a wallet was found. While having walked on the bridge, we found a wallet.

5) Lose vs Loose

I will not loose my wallet. I will not lose my wallet.

6) Farther vs Further

The student read farther in the textbook. The student read further in the textbook.

7) Subject Verb Agreement

A small percentage of the people wants a job. → A small percentage of the people want a job.

Twenty dollars are due. Twenty dollars is due.

8) Use of Commas

We have dogs, cats and a hamster. We have dogs, cats, and a hamster.

9) Who vs That

The lady that just joined went with us today. The lady who just joined went with us today.

10) Less vs Fewer

Less people attended than before. Fewer people attended than before.

Grammarian PRO3's grammar check finds and corrects hundreds of thousands of complex writing errors — so that you don’t have to!

Grammarian PRO3 X boosts writing productivity

Don’t let incorrect grammar hinder you. Start using Grammarian PRO3 Grammar Checker Software today! Click here to learn more about the advantages of using a good offline grammar checker.

A safe secure grammar checker

Keep your writing private and safe. Keep your sensitive data safe with an offline grammar checker. Grammarian PRO3 X. Your text and data never go out on the internet. No subscriptions. Internet Not Required.

The first grammar checker

Grammarian PRO3, originally as Sensible Grammar, is the world's first contextual grammar checker. We created the first contextual grammar checker software First Contextual Grammar Checker, Sensible Software over four decades ago.

  1. Grammarian PRO3

    Use a compact grammar checking window

    System Requirements:

* Grammarian PRO3 X for macOS 10.9-14 .0 (Sonoma)
* Grammarian PRO2 X for macOS 10.6.8-10.14
* Grammarian PRO X for macOS System 10.4-10.5

* Grammarian PRO3 Mac grammar checker works offline without an internet connection.
* Since 1998, Grammarian PRO 3 has been using AI to help its customers communicate better.


Google Chrome

* Free Online Grammar Checker: Any OS

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