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Grammar Check Writing Rules: Casual Writing Style Rules--(linked to Linguisoft's proprietary Grammar Checker engine: Check your English text for all types of mistakes: grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and more. References: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, APA Style,MLA Style, The Elements of Style, William Strunk--Note: Recheck your corrections. New: Expanded text length: 4500

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How to use the free grammar check online

It's easy. Just paste your writing into the text area above. The check should automatically proceed depending on the browser. If the check doesn't proceed automatically after a couple of seconds, click the "Check Grammar" button. Underlined errors will immediately populate the text if any exist. It's simple. Grammar check

Spelling errors are highlighted and underlined in red, grammar errors in dark-green, grammar style check errors in light green, and punctuation check errors in purple.

Red - Indicates a spelling error.
Green - Indicates a grammar error.
Green - Indicates a style error.
Purple - Indicates a punctuation error.

Online Grammar Check Correction Click on the underlined error to see the suggested correction and error explanation. Click on the suggested correction to replace the error.

Click “Ignore error for this word” to Ignore the spelling error or click “Ignore this type of error” for other mistakes. We recommend that you review the results after making corrections. Often, corrections create new sentence structure combinations, and the text should be rechecked for the best legibility.

Free yourself from embarrassing mistakes with a good professional grammar checker.

What is a grammar checker?

Grammar checker software scans your writing and then highlights and offers suggestions to correct grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Why do we need grammar checker software?

Naturally, grammar and spelling mistakes are inevitable because even the best writer still can slip up. Often, proofreading your own writing is awkward, and a "second set of eyes" can prove to be extremely helpful. A good grammar checker locates mistakes that you may not normally catch.

How does the grammar checker know my writing is incorrect?

The software uses stored parsing algorithms for every word and how the word can be used in good sense to parse your writing. This information is used to determine word order and phrasing in order to evaluate how it fits with standard grammatical textbook and stylebook rules.

Humans still beat computers with good writing sense. However, not many of us have access to a professional human copy editor. Using good grammar and spelling check software is the next best thing to improve your writing. It's somewhat like “having your English teacher looking over your shoulder while you write.”

Next, we'll explain some grammatical qualities of a good grammar checker.

Advantage of a good grammar checker: Structural Clean Writing.

Grammar Check Rules

Grammar Rules

Essentially, grammar is a system of rules that constitute a language and the logic of choice and order of our words. Proper grammar makes the relation between the words become clear, and we can communicate better without creating confusion. Knowledge of these grammar rules will help you to communicate better.

A good grammar check tool scans underlying deep sentence structure that results in clean concise writing.


A sentence is made of clauses, and a clause is a group of words that has both a subject and a predicate. Every complete sentence is made up of at least a clause. Clausal Diagram

The two clause categories are: Independent and Dependent Clauses. And basically, seven types of clauses create sentences. A good clausal checker tool analyzes these seven sentence clause types: Independent/Main Clause, Subordinate Clause, Coordinate Clause, Relative Clause, Noun Clause, Adjective Clause, and Adverb Clause (includes implied Elliptical Clauses).

A good grammar check tool checks underlying Transformational clausal structure and Thematic deep sentence structure correlation.

Sentence Structure

Sentence structure is the grammatical arrangement of a sentence and consists of four types: Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex. Sentence Structure Diagram

A good sentence checker tool knows and analyzes sentence structure rules such as (1) a complete sentence must include a subject and a predicate, (2) a compound subject includes two or more subjects, (3) an independent clause consists of a subject and a predicate, etc.

A good sentence checker tool is programmed to know these grammatical rules (and also the many exceptions to these rules).

Learn More: What grammar checker is the best? How do the current crop of grammar checkers compare? How well do these grammar checkers actually work? An honest comparison study can show the structure checking depth of the current crop of grammar checkers: Take a look at the study. Grammar Checkers: Comparison Tests.

Write Precisely. Try a Phrase Usage Style Check.

1. Choose simple words.

Avoid bookish and overly formal words and phrases. Write 'use' instead of 'utilize', 'near' instead of 'close proximity', 'help' instead of 'facilitate', 'for' instead of 'in the amount of', 'start' instead of 'commence'.

2. Avoid Wordy Expressions. Don't ramble with wordiness.

Students use three or more words when one word is good enough. Why?

Use specific words for a longer phrase. Do not use more words than necessary to express a thought. Good concise writing uses only the words you need to express an idea. No extra litter. Great writing doesn't need fancy words.

Use 'while' instead of 'during the time that', 'because' instead of 'because of the fact that', 'now' instead of 'at the present time', and 'if' instead of 'in the event that'. A simple term conveys the same idea and is easier to read and remember.

A good phrase usage style check eliminates these types of writing style errors.

3. Redundancy Reduces Conciseness.

Redundant phrases repeat or express the same thought again.

Some common examples of redundant phrases:

  • free gift
  • circle around
  • close proximity
  • small in size
  • the reason why
  • true facts
  • basic fundamentals
  • past history
  • collaborated together
  • consensus of opinion
  • in spite of the fact that

A good phrase usage style check eliminates redundant phrases.

4. Write short sentences.

Keep sentences short for the same reason that you keep paragraphs short: they’re easier to read and understand.

Use a Readability Check to determine reading ease. Use a Readability Statistics Analysis to zoom in and tailor each sentence to target your specific audience.

Catch embarrassing punctuation errors.

What are the 14 English Punctuation Marks?

The 14 punctuation marks that are used in the English language:

  • Period, question mark, exclamation point
  • Comma, colon, and semicolon
  • Dash and hyphen
  • Brackets, braces, and parentheses
  • Apostrophe, quotation marks, and ellipsis

Some common punctuation errors:

  • 1. Missing an apostrophe:
    Wrong: The mans dog barked.
  • 2. The Comma Splice:
    Wrong: He was there, she was here.
  • 3. Multiple Punctuation Marks:
    Wrong: This is amazing!!!!
  • 4. Incorrect hyphenation:
    Wrong: It was pre-eminent.
  • 5. Commas in a series:
    Wrong: We have dogs, cats and a hamster.
  • 6. Missing comma with dates:
    Wrong: It was April 1 1989 when the accident happened.

A good punctuation check will check for these types of errors.

Catch more errors.

grammar check-apple

A good grammar tool identifies more grammatical errors with better accuracy.

Some examples of spell checking errors in context: Checking homophones in context, checking multiple words and phrases such as "Ne wYork", and contextual word compounding such as "air port, can not, setup, set up, make up, makeup, back up, backup, workout, work out", etc. Many compound words have different verb, noun, and adjective forms.

Some examples of grammar checking errors in context: Checking for double negatives, double references, dangling modifiers, unclear pronoun reference, verb tense shift, improper parallelism, etc.

Deep-syntactic dependency structures

Most grammar tools claim to be wonderful accurate checkers yet rarely catch common contextual spelling and grammar mistakes. Only grammar check tools that assign Deep-syntactic dependency structures to a sentence can potentially catch in-depth contextual errors.

Use the truly best grammar checker

Overlooked grammatical mistakes can diminish writing quality. Improve it, and write error-free content. Rely on a reliable professional grammar checker to improve your writing.

A powerful free English grammar checker

A good professional grammar checker tool helps you to significantly improve your writing quality.

We created a base of over 300 English writing rules with time-proven algorithms to correct common grammar and spelling mistakes, including verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, homophones, punctuation, phrases, dependent and independent clauses, and more.

Linguisoft's grammar checker is an essential tool for students, professionals, and writers who need extra help with grammar, punctuation, and style.

Error corrections include explanations that help to improve writing skills.

A free grammar check to help you write better

Our online checker helps you to write better. We use proprietary research for correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and misused word mistakes. We wrote our own core grammar engine from our own research. We used NO open-source content. Our writing rule sources include Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, MLA Style Manual - Modern Language Association, AP Style - Associated Press, and The Elements of Style, William Strunk. These rank as the ultimate professional standard guides of style, usage, and grammar for writers.

Has much more grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking power. Grammar Checkers: Comparisons Testing study shows the best grammar checker solutions. We build our own grammar engine. We do not license from others.

Submit your writing only after revising and proofreading with Grammarian Online.

Grammar check your way to success.

Successful writing is extremely easy and accurate with our professional grammar checker software. The Linguisoft Grammar Checker helps you to write better and revise more efficiently. You’ll never need to ask for help with English grammar rules again. Learn from your own mistakes as you correct your text and avoid repeating the mistakes in the future. Learning to write better is remarkably easy. Start improving your writing by making your writing better. Try the checker for checking papers and essays.

Clean Writing™

Clean Writing™ without grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes is essential with concise writing. Clean writing can make the difference between a good grade and a perfect grade. Comprehensive communication skills and effective error-free writing are necessary to reach a target audience. Revising with our grammar check cleanses your writing. Use your best writing skills to connect with your target audience.

A good grammar check tool scans underlying deep sentence structure that results in clean concise writing. We have the knowledge and expertise. We created the first contextual grammar checker software First Contextual Grammar Checker, Sensible Software over four decades ago. (The image zooms for closeup.)

Our time-proven conceptual design has deep fine-tuned parse algorithms that find deep sentence structure and clausal errors that most grammar checkers cannot find.

Fast, easy, and reliable. Write better and improve your writing skills. Try the best grammar checker online free.



Our premium grammar checker software app scans readability and human interest; it tags the above text as:

* Readable grade level: 8th grade
* Reading Age: 13 years old
* Readable by: 56% of Adults
* Human Interest: Highly Interesting

Write Better. GoPro3. The premium pro version catches many MORE errors.

Looking for more? With premium, you’ll have everything that comes with the free grammar check, plus so much more advanced checking, full integration, and many other features. Avoid manual copy/paste and keep the formatting of your original text. Correct your text in Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Gmail, forums, blogs, etc. Use it for book writing, copywriting, business communication, freelance writing, blogging, school homework, class assignments, doctorate thesis, PhD dissertation, etc. Use our premium grammar checker software as a seamless extension of Pages, Microsoft Word, Scrivener, Safari, Firefox, Outlook, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, or any app. Fine-tune your writing skills with the best professional grammar check writing solution.

Besides using our own research, we also use Apple's NLP Natural Language framework to supplement our own algorithms to determine semantic distance and to train and deploy natural language models. Anyone dedicated to writing should definitely consider our full-featured premium grammar checker. Although a desktop version of the software is available for purchase, it’s also completely free to try here.

Grammar check markup/similar words 10 Most Common Grammar Mistakes to Check For In Your Writing

And our grammar checker catches them for you:

1) They’re vs Their vs There

Their less likely to cause trouble. They're less likely to cause trouble.

Their is a new house down the street. There is a new house down the street.

2) Its vs It’s

Its a good day today. → It's a good day today.

3) Then vs Than

It was larger then the requirement stated. It was larger than the requirement stated.

4) Dangling Modifiers

Having walked on the bridge, a wallet was found. While having walked on the bridge, we found a wallet.

5) Lose vs Loose

I will not loose my wallet. I will not lose my wallet.

6) Farther vs Further

The student read farther in the textbook. The student read further in the textbook.

7) Subject Verb Agreement

A small percentage of the people wants a job. → A small percentage of the people want a job.

Twenty dollars are due. Twenty dollars is due.

8) Use of Commas

We have dogs, cats and a hamster. We have dogs, cats, and a hamster.

9) Who vs That

The lady that just joined went with us today. The lady who just joined went with us today.

10) Less vs Fewer

Less people attended than before. Fewer people attended than before.

This grammar check tool finds and corrects hundreds of thousands of complex writing errors — so that you don’t have to! Connect with your audience through more concise content. Use the best grammar check solution, and write successfully.

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