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Why Grammarian PRO3?



Grammarian PRO3 is like “having your English teacher looking over your shoulder while you write.”

Grammarian PRO3’s grammar check power helps you write better. Grammarian uses the most widely used and respected English writing reference style guides in the United States: Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press) and The Elements of Style (Strunk and White). Grammarian PRO3 is the best. Grammarian PRO3 has over 38 years of research and programming with these references as core rules technologies.

Grammarian PRO3’s checking power is comprehensive. Grammarian PRO3 checks the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style as you are writing in your original document. Grammarian AutoCorrects and expands shorthands as you type. Grammarian also allows you to check all your writing whenever you choose. Grammarian’s document grammar check window layout is designed as a toolkit. Use the document grammar check window’s dictionary to verify that corrections are what you actually meant to say.

Like your English teacher is watching over your shoulder

Grammarian PRO3 is so much more than a spelling and grammar checker. Grammarian PRO3 is the epitome of writing tools that work everywhere for you as your personal writing assistant.


Apple + Grammarian PRO3

Apple's built-in service + Grammarian PRO3 = A Professional Writer's Dream come true. Total grammar and spelling checking power EVERYWHERE! GoPro!

Adding Grammarian PRO3 together with Apple's built-in spelling/grammar service makes Grammarian PRO3 the grammar and spelling extension of the entire macOS. Grammarian PRO3 now produces the red spelling and green grammar squiggly underlining .

Check grammar and spelling automatically or manually in emails on the Apple Mac, check grammar and spelling in FaceBook and Twitter within Safari, and check grammar and spelling everywhere interactively as-you-type.

No More Worries!

* No manual copy and paste to check your text. Grammarian PRO3 takes care of it!

* No lost document font formatting. Grammarian PRO3 takes care of it and maintains it!

* No messing up your text. No worry. Undo your changes whenever you want, everywhere. Only Grammarian PRO3 does this for you.


We learned early on that any spelling check or grammar check must be built into the writing app. So, we did it.

Grammar check your original document in all your favorite apps with Grammarian PRO3. Never leave your writing app. Grammarian PRO3 becomes your partner as it seamlessly integrates into every app on your computer. Grammarian PRO3 takes care of it! This is one reason that it's the best!


The Grammarian Document Grammar Check Window: Grammarian shows the full document with colored grammar errors in the left pane of the window. Navigate from error to error by clicking on the error.

Dictionary Lookup: Grammarian has a dictionary lookup on the right side of the window. Look up words if you do not understand the context.

Grammarian gives explanations of the error in the lower part of the window.

Grammarian PRO3 Grammar Check window

1. Left: View of document with error markup. 2. Middle: Make corrections and edit the sentence. Right: 3. Dictionary lookup. Lookup words and verify meanings.

Figure 1. Grammar Check and Spelling Check with Dictionary/Thesaurus Lookup Assistant

Click on any suspect error in the document error view drawer (left). Make the changes and corrections (center). Look up words and definitions in the Dictionary/Thesaurus assistant drawer (right). This powerful design makes proofreading fun! Learn as you work.


The World's Best Spelling and Grammar Checker since 1984



2. Universal Interactive Checking (check-as-you-type) with auto-show spelling and grammar check and universal batch spelling and grammar check checking.

3. Contextual SPELLING checking uses Thematics technology conjointly with the grammar parse engine for error checking and suggestions, over 220,000 words internal metaphonic spelling dictionary, checks homophone spelling in context (a first) and uses phonetic, typographic, and variant phrases for suggestions, provides matching in-context parts-of-speech suggestions. Simultaneous multilingual spell check with additional free language dictionaries.

4. GRAMMAR - phrase usage check, grammar check, and punctuation check with the most comprehensive commercial grammar parsing engine ever developed.
Check for dangling modifiers, subject verb agreement, squinting modifiers, comma splices, homophones, and more. Core engine uses Thematics technology.

5. DICTIONARY/THESAURUS - integrated dictionary/thesaurus lookup to grammar/spell document checking with over 400,000 word definitions, hyphenation,
parts of speech with noun plurals and verb conjugation forms. The Dictionary and Thesaurus become an integrated assistant for document spelling and grammar checking.

6. AUTOCORRECT - over 40,000 words, interactive AutoCorrect automatically corrects spelling mistakes as you type. AutoCorrect Two initial capital letters, proper nouns, smart quotes, and hyphens to em and en dashes.

7. AUTOTYPE with styles- interactive styled-text AutoType feature automatically types your commonly used phrases with font styles, colors, and date/time stamps. Multiple on-the-fly switchable AutoType dictionaries.

8. Educational reference assistant: shows error explanation, parts of speech, linear sentence diagraming, or word frequency.

9. View and select any error in a spelling/grammar document check. A document error view drawer provides underlined in-context errors so that you can click on any error to correct it.

10. Interactive sounds for spelling, grammar, AutoCorrect, and AutoType. Interactive windows autofade™ after a predetermined count of words.

11. Preferences setup for keyboard shortcuts, interactive checking, and Pencil Menu settings.

12. Statistics analysis - readability, reading ease, human interest ratings. View and compare any sentence in relation to other sentences. Quickly find the longest or shortest sentences, hardest-to-read or easiest-to-read sentences, and most or least interesting sentences.

13. Built into every application - Universal menu with separate on-the-fly switchable Current Writing Style, Spelling dictionaries, and interactive application preference settings.

14. Features are available from the macOS Dock.

15. Automarkup - Automatically scans the document and marks all errors in an easy-to-reference markup style.

16. And so much more.

Grammarian PRO3, the best grammar check solution for the Mac.



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