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Increase productivity and add
style and clarity to your writing.

Unlimited Grammar Checking
Check unlimited grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.
Get advanced suggestions, and
correct errors in all your favorite writing apps.

Unlimited Writing Styles
Write with style. Inspiring alternatives to say exactly what you mean with more creativity, quality, and style.

AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, AutoType
Make your text clear, error-free, and engaging while you write.

Automatically check your text
Check interactively as you type. Make corrections on-the-fly as you go.

Dictionary Lookup
Look up words and phrases anytime while you check.

Go Pro, the only way to go!

Features Free Premium
Grammar checkerGrammar Check Limited corrections Unlimited corrections
SpellingSpelling Check Yes Yes
PunctuationPunctuation Check Limited corrections Unlimited corrections
Phrase UsagePhrase Usage Check Limited corrections Unlimited corrections
DictionaryrDictionary No Yes
ReadabilityReadability No Yes
RephraseAutoComplete No Yes
Interactive CheckingInteractive Checking No Yes
AutoCorrectAutoCorrect No Unlimited corrections
AutoTypeAutoType No Unlimited
Text CleanupText Cleanup No Unlimited
Text CleanupWriting Styles One Unlimited
SpellingSpelling Service in most apps Yes Yes

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