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Check the documentation/manual and FAQ:.
Grammarian PRO2 X has a built-in manual (accessible from the "Grammarian Help..." menu item). The documentation is fairly complete, and many common issues are covered there.

Quick links for Grammarian PRO2 X (Mac) support:

Grammarian PRO2: Installation

Grammar Spelling Check Selection

Grammarian Interactive grammar and spelling checking (check-as-you-type)


* installation instructions * How to check documents * interactive checking

Grammarian tech support Contacting Tech Support


Send an email or fill out the form below. -Please provide adequate information-


Support Email: support @ linguisoft.com

Support Form:  


* All fields are required.


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- Please provide adequate information -

Please provide information such as Grammarian PRO-PRO2 version number, computer type, Mac OS X system version, and other important info.

1. Provide a screenshot if the issue is difficult to describe. You can do this by holding Command-shift-3 or Command-shift-4 and click on a window will take a snapshot the window that you click.

2. Please provide any pertinent information. Different Mac OS X versions and different Grammarian versions may yield different solutions. We will not do a query session to get the information from you.

3. Provide a crash log if you are reporting a crash. You can get this by running the Console app in your Applications folder. On the left side of the Console window, you can find the crash logs under Files/CrashReporter. Copy/paste from the listed Grammarian report. Crashes are usually rare and are usually reported by others. We could possibly have a solution for you by email.

The information that you provide is all we can go on. Saying "My program doesn't work" doesn't help convey the issue. Pease explain exactly what you know. Screenshots (Command-shift-3 or Command-shift-4 ) are worth a thousand words.



Please Note. Tech Support cannot respond to these topics:

1. We do not have phone support capability.
2. Sales of product activation codes or serial numbers are final once an activation code is issued. Further information.


We offer a 7-day free trial in order to judge product suitability before purchase. Please try-before-you-buy. All sales are final.



If you discover a 'bug' or compatibility issue, please email us. If you post your discovery or bug finding as a public review somewhere on some internet site, we most likely will never see it. Thus, the issue may never be fixed. Once we get the report, we'll fix it quickly. We have developed the product for over 30-some years. We have much invested into the product and care about the product.