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Grammarian PRO2

So, WHAT is so great about PRO2?
PRO2 is all about better grammar checking and better spelling checking, period. According to comparative studies, Grammarian PRO X has always been the leader of grammar and spelling. And now nothing comes close to the accuracy, quality, and intellectual power of PRO2. PRO2 is in a class of its own. Another 5 years of new groundbreaking research puts academic and scholar level of grammar and spelling checking in the hands of everyone. PRO2 is the highest caliber of proofreading software in existence; no other software has stood the test of time that Grammarian PRO2 has, over 32+ years.

Okay then WHY is PRO2 so great for me?
The primary design goal of PRO2 was to extend the accuracy and thus the creditability of Grammarian's grammar and spelling engines.

Every word and phrase in the English language has many associated rule exceptions. And when these associated rule exceptions are considered, this then determines whether the grammar or spelling application is accurately ascertaining the proper error and suggestion. As an example of this, other first-generation grammar checkers have gotten a bad "rap" because they were incorrect most of the time. The reason for this is simple. The developers did not know about those associated rule exceptions. Hence, the checker was wrong more often than it was right. For the past 5 years, Linguisoft expended thousands of man-hours researching the millions of exceptions. And PRO2 now applies all this massive innovative research. In summary, this makes PRO2 the most accurate and credible grammar and spelling checker on the market, PERIOD.

+ Many HOT New Grammarian PRO2 X Features:
New Grammar and Spelling Document Check Window New Preferences:
Statistics Analysis Sentence-By-Sentence Graphing Feature
HTML/LaTeX document Clipboard Checking
AutoType On-the-fly Switchable Dictionaries
Global Pencil Menu Preference
AutoMarkup Document Checking New Grammar and Spell Checking
Interactive Speech for Explanations Comprehensive Homophone Checking
New 64-bit Grammarian Input Menu/ New Pencil Menu Notes
New Universal Contextual Menu System Requirements
New Registration Licensing

- Grammar and Spelling Document Check window

Grammarian PRO2

New document check window layout for easier proofreading.

  • Easy to use window layout, better integration of proofread window components.
  • Easy to distinguish error marking in the document error view drawer window.
  • New Mark button. Now, you can mark errors for later reference.

- Statistics Analysis sentence-by-sentence graphing feature

Grammarian PRO2

View and compare any sentence in relation to other sentences. Quickly find the longest or shortest sentences, hardest-to-read or easiest-to-read sentences, and most or least interesting sentences. Graph nominalizations and coherency such as shown here:


Grammarian PRO2


Grammarian PRO2

Nominalizations are considered more difficult to follow and are considered to promote wordiness. Using coherence words and phrases can help to make your writing clear and coherent.

- On-the-fly switchable AutoType dictionaries and user-changeable default dictionaries.

Create multiple AutoType dictionaries and select them "on-the-fly" from the Grammarian menu.  
Grammarian PRO2


Grammarian PRO2


Select the desirable AutoType dictionary from the pencil or input menu.







- AutoMarkup Document Checking

Select AutoMarkup from the Grammarian pencil menu. AutoMarkup then automatically scans the document and marks all errors in an easy-to-reference markup style.

Open a second document window to paste the corrections. Then, Grammarian will paste the markup text into this window and let your original document window intact. This allows you to compare the markup to the original.


See Figure 1-3





Figure 1-3

- New 64-bit Input Menu with Pencil Menu
  Grammarian PRO2:64-bit input menu

Use the new 64-bit Input Method Menu (named Grammarian) with Pencil Menu for compatibility with both 64-bit and 32-bit applications. Also, the old 32-bit input menu component is included (named Grammarian32).






- New Universal Grammarian Contextual Menu

Grammarian PRO2: contextual menu

- Interactive Error Explanation Speech

The "Interactive error speech explanation" explains the error type in addition to the interactive error sound.









error sounds

- New HTML and LaTeX Document Clipboard Checking

Grammarian 'Live' checking for Web page composition and LaTeX markup











text collect

- New Global Pencil Menu Preference

Global Grammarian Pencil Menu preference switch. Turn off the pencil menu and use only the checkmark menu.










pencil menu

- New Registration Licensing

The new License window activates, registers, and tracks personal and site license registrations.












Double Negatives:

Rule: A double negative occurs when two forms of negation are used in the same sentence. In some languages (or varieties of a language) negative forms are consistently used throughout the sentence to express a single negation, while in others a double negative is used to negate a negation and therefore resolves to a positive. In the former case, triple and quadruple negation can also be seen, which leads to the terms multiple negation or negative concord.

See Figure 1-4.

Grammarian PRO2: Grammar Checker

Figure 1-4

New Relative Pronoun Usage Checking:

• Relative Pronoun Usage: 'that' to 'who', Use ‘who’ or ‘whom’ to replace nouns that refer to people.

• Relative Pronoun Usage, 'who' to 'that', The relative pronouns 'that' and 'which' replace nouns that refer to things and animals.

• Relative Pronoun Usage, 'that' to 'which', The relative pronoun 'that' is used to introduce essential clause. The relative pronoun 'which' is used to introduce nonessential clause.

Grammarian PRO2: Grammar Checker


Wrong or Missing Prepositions

Phrasal verbs, also known as two-word verbs, are verbs that require specific prepositions. Because a preposition following the verb affects the verb’s meaning, writers must use the proper verb-preposition combination in order to communicate clearly.


Grammarian PRO2: Grammar Checker

Punctuation Fractions Hyphenation Checking, i.e., two thirds" --> "two-thirds.

Rule: Fractions used as modifiers are hyphenated unless the numerator or denominator of the fraction contains a hyphen: three-eighths inch, twenty-four hundredths part; The pie was one-half eaten. Fractions used as nouns are usually not hyphenated: He ate one half of the pie.

Example: It was two thirds majority.
See Figure 1-5.

Grammarian PRO2: Grammar Checker

Figure 1-5

Punctuation Checking: Missing Comma With Numbers.

Rule: In numbers of more than three digits, use a comma after every third digit from right to left. Numbers which normally do not take commas are ZIP codes, phone numbers, page numbers, serial numbers, house numbers, and dates of years.

Many European countries use a comma in place of the decimal point and use periods or blank spaces to separate every third digit.

Example: The area of North America is approximately 9435000 square miles.



Punctuation Checking: Missing Comma With Dates.

Rule: When a date is made up of two or more parts, use a comma to separate the parts when the parts both are words or both are numbers. A second comma follows the last item unless it is at the end of a list or sentence. If the parts of the date are connected by a preposition, no comma is needed.

Example: We will meet Friday July 15 2010.


Punctuation Checking: Unnecessary Comma With Restrictive Element.

Rule: Do not use a comma to set off a restrictve adjective clause. Such a clause is one that is needed to make the meaning clear.

Example: The man, who is talking to the police, is the only witness to the accident.

Grammarian PRO2: Grammar Checker


Most Comprehensive Contextual Homophone Checking EVER! Look at this!

Spot correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. No more embarrassing typos. Homophones are common grammar and spelling errors. The spelling of a homophone is reliant on how it is used in the sentence context (the meaning or idea intended). And a common noncontextual spelling checker cannot catch these common errors because it knows nothing about the context of the sentence in which the word is used. Grammarian PRO2 easily catches them, and other than a trained human editor, ONLY Grammarian PRO2 catches them.

Now, have a REAL edge by improving your spelling error catching beyond the typical built-in spelling checker.



1. Strictly following The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed., 2003, Grammarian PRO2 spells out numbers from one to one hundred instead of The Harbrace College Handbook (15th ed., 2002) one to ten, Spell out numbers from one to ten. .
The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed., 2003), our preferred guide, says that in nontechnical writing, we should spell out "whole numbers from one through one hundred, round numbers, and any number beginning a sentence" (380). Chicago provides an alternative for technical writers, which is to spell out "only single-digit numbers." The authors point out, though, that such rules "should be used with flexibility so as to avoid such awkward locutions as '12 eggs, of which nine were laid yesterday'" (381).
The Harbrace College Handbook (15th ed., 2002) tells writers, "When you use numbers frequently, spell out those from one to nine and use figures for all others." But in situations where numbers are used infrequently, Harbrace encourages writers to "spell out numbers that can be expressed in one or two words and use figures for the others" (184).
• Plus many other new small features and small fixes too many to mention.


3. PRO2 incorporates a new Australian Dictionary (Australian + British)

4. PRO2 adds over 2300 new AutoCorrections with an autoupdate mechanism.

5. PRO2 incorporates a new and expanded Spelling Suggestions Root-word and prefix/suffix checking algorithm.

6. PRO2 adds an exported clipboard format information window available from check selection windows - Options Menu.

7. PRO2 adds a new up-to-date dictionary/thesaurus update.

8. PRO2 includes a new spelling engine upgrade, grammar and punctuation engine upgrade.

9. The 64-bit Snow Leopard compatible input method menu is now named "Grammarian". The 32-bit input menu component is named "Grammarian32".

10. PRO2 adds an 8 times faster application launching speedup improvement over all versions.



System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.x - 10.11.x

Grammarian PRO2: Mac