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Grammarian PRO2 X

Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Check


Grammarian PRO2: Grammar
Grammarian PRO2: Mac


Version 2.1.1


Grammarian PRO2 X Update - 17.4 Megabyte file-

What's new in this version:


Grammarian PRO2 General Fixes


New: 64-bit Grammarian PRO2 Input menu and Pencil Menu.

New: Input Menu and Pencil Menu - Interactive Checking master ON/OFF setting.

1. Fixed: Grammarian PRO2 v2.1.1 fixes the input menu shortcut keys.

2. Fixed: Event sleep timeouts with Mojave.

3. Fixed: Spelling, AutoType, and AutoCorrect direct replacements with Mojave.

4. Fixed: A rare crash with the Grammarian Pencil Input Menu.

5. Fixed: An Interactive Checking direct replacement exception lag.


* Note Apple Mojave Security setup before installing





Grammarian PRO2 Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

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