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Grammarian PRO2 X


Grammarian PRO2: Grammar
Grammarian PRO2: Mac


Version 2.0.6 for Mac OS X 10.5.x-10.6.x-10.7.x-10.8x--MacIntel (11-7-2012)

PRO2 Update - 19.6 Megabyte file - includes PRO2 upgrade instructions

Download here

What's new in this version:



General Fixes

1. Fixed: Grammarian PRO2 Input Menu submenus for Mountain Lion and Lion.
2. New Grammarian Checkmark Input Menu layout for Mountain Lion 10.8.2 layout to fix Keyboard Shortcuts for Check Selection menu items.
3. Mellel RTF fonttable formatting parsing: {\fonttbl{\f0\fcharset77TimesNewRomanPSMT;}}
4. Speedup: Interactive Corrections Replacement (no poll caret position ).
5. Fixed: Safari keyboard lag affecting Keyboard Maestro shorthand utility.
6. Fixed: Mouse click interactive check buffer cancel (double click decipher).
7. Replaced: Memory routines to fix a long document crash.
8. Fixed: Work around Apple PowerPoint bug. Copy/Paste and Delete Keys interference with Input Menu API and PowerPoint.
9. Fixed: Memory leak.



Grammar, Punctuation

1. Changed singular possessive name apostrophe 's' forms --> Charles' , James' to Charles's, James's (MacWorld)
2. Fixed Missing semicolon/comma with Conjunctive Adverbs that are also Adjectives when used in context as an adjective. Example: I saw an otherwise empty carriage.
3. Fixed: Incorrect Adjective Modifier. After pure intransitive verb and before adverb phrase of time, an adjective does not need to be an adverb. Example: They fell silent for a moment.
4. Added Homophone combined-word Adverb "sometime" as in: She said, 'We should get together some time.
5 Fixed a nontrigger bug of they're --> issue when first spot of an Adjective Clause. Example: i cannot believe they're false testimony convicted him. 
6. Fixed: New homophone error: they're to there. Example: There was no one they're to stop him.
7. Fixed: Additional contextual triggers for the following homophones: affect, effect, overdue, overdo, meet, meat, medal, meddle, pickup, pick up, advice, advise, meddle, everyone, every one, access, excess, compliment, complement, form, from, some time, sometime.


Noun/verb Homophones:

Some time ago she said to me, "Come up and see mesometime."
Though he had excess to some of the best psychiatrists around, he still drank to wretched access every night.
I felt no affect from the drug, but it seemed to powerfully effect Sharon's hearing and vision.
He said, "Let me advice you," and then gave me very good advise
Everyone of them said, in unison, "Hi, every one!".
His refusal to medal with the results cost him the silver meddle.
I paid her a complement: "You've arrived with a full compliment of hangers-on."  
"Don't overdue it," I cautioned. "You're overdo for a visit to the doctor as is."
"Can you pickup Jan at the airport in your pick up truck?" he asked.
Meat me at the station and we'll go pick up some meet from the butcher shop.
I don't know you form Adam, whateverfrom you take.
You were extremelyto polite.  
I'll move you're coat over there.




Grammarian PRO2: Mac

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