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Grammarian PRO2 X


Grammarian PRO2: Grammar
Grammarian PRO2: Mac


Version 2.0.11 for Mac OS X 10.6.x to Mac OS X 10.11


Grammarian PRO2 X Update - 20.5 Megabyte file- includes PRO2 upgrade instructions

What's new in this version:


General Fixes


  • 1. Fixed: Grammarian PRO2 RTF clipboard bug. Grammarian PRO2 would sometimes paste corrections in the styled text format instead of the RTF format.

  • 2. Fixed: Grammarian PRO2 Checkmark Input Menu submenus: Interactive Checking, Grammar Writing Style, Spelling, and AutoType. The input menu (checkmark) submenus now fully function under Mac OS X versions 10.6 through 10.11.

  • 3. Fixed: Interactive Checking Popup Menu and Interactive Checking Floating Window cancel and close when backspacing past the error word or phrase.

  • 4. New: Interactive Checking and Text Cleanup items in Grammarian app Dock Menu.

  • Grammarian dock menu

  • 5. New: Grammarian PRO2 Input Menu and Pencil Menu and associated submenus redesign. This eliminates 'IMK Stall' issues on Yosemite and El Capitan with slower Macs.

  • 6. New: Grammarian PRO2 Alert Notification Window for any system failure to receive requested clipboard text formatting. This usually occurs with low system memory. Often, checking extremely large manuscripts could trigger this.

  • 7. New: Grammarian PRO2 Uninstaller features: Reset Grammarian PRO2 Input Menu button.

  • 8. Fixed: Spelling dictionaries are now loaded into memory immediately after being installed into the Writing Rules/Spelling List pane.

  • 9. Fixed: Grammarian PRO2 Input Menu "Quit Grammarian" and "Open Grammarian" menu item.

  • 10. Fixed: Apple Pages Smart Quote RTF formatting issues.

  • 11. Fixed: Rare hang on file search and file copy on new installations.

  • 12. Fixed: Capitalized phrases in Personal Phrases dictionary.

  • 13. Fixed: Grammarian PRO2 now automatically updates and reloads dictionaries that are edited in the Grammarian Editor.

  • 14. New: Grammarian PRO2 version check:

    Grammarian update check

  • 15. Fixed: Rare crash in Input Menu activation.

  • 16. Updates: Spelling dictionaries and grammar parts dictionaries updates.

  • 17. Fixed: Various grammar error parsing issues.

  • 18. New: El Capitan compatibility fixes.

  • 19. Other bug fixes.



Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

1. Fixed: Phrasal modal verbs, semi-modal verbs, and idiom verb exceptions with "to" as part of the verb error. Example: The plane was supposed to raise up.

2. Many other parse engine fixes.

Note: Version lists are usually compiled from submitted (bug) reports.Email: tech support



Grammarian PRO2: Mac

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