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Grammarian PRO2 X


Grammarian PRO2: Grammar
Grammarian PRO2: Mac


Version 2.0.10 for Mac OS X 10.5.x to 10.10.x--MacIntel


Grammarian PRO2 X Update - 20.5 Megabyte file - includes PRO2 upgrade instructions

What's new in this version:



General Fixes

1. Fixed: AutoCorrect: Replace 'straight quotes with smart quotes not working under US Extended input method --> Replace straight quotes with smart quotes" makes the apostrophe turn into "]" and double quotes into "{".

2. Fixed: Writing Rules AutoType Unicode display characters in list and edit boxes.

3. Fixed: Interactive Checking Unicode Interactive Checking replacements.

4. New Grammarian PRO2 Uninstaller features: Reset Grammarian PRO2 Input Menu button

5. Fixed Grammarian Preferences Dock & Menu pane: Sometimes "Show Grammarian's menu and dock icon" sometimes would not change and Grammarian app would then launch with same state.

6. Fixed: Longstanding Checkmark Input Menu/Pencil Menu Grammar Writing Style submenu and AutoType submenu issues.

7. Fixed: Grammarian Preferences: Longstanding Pencil Menu show/hide when changing setting global setting "Show Grammarian's Pencil menu icon globally."

8. Fixed: Document Checking Window Error Display View: RTF clipboard font size display issue.

9. Fixed Yosemite "IMK Stalled Detected" errors during Interactive typing. This was related to the original Apple IMK Input Menu submenus bug.

10. Fixed: Allocated MacPort Communication bridge MacPorts from mach_port_destroy to mach_port_deallocate. Fixed "MacPort Send Right" error messages in Console.

11. Refined: Add AutoType Entry functionality. "Add AutoType Entry..." now automatically adds both "Replace" and "Replace With" fields from the Options menu on the Check Document Window if a suggestion is highlighted in the suggestions list. The procedure is shown here.

a) Highlight the correct suggestion from the Document Check Window Suggestions list:

b) Select "Add AutoType Entry...":

c) Both "Replace" and "With" fields are filled in. Click the Add button:


12. Other bug fixes.




Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

1. New: Update to Australian spelling dictionary v1.14.
2. New: Update to British spelling dictionary v1.13.
3. Added: Phrases "couldn't of, shouldn't of, wouldn't of", "could not of", should not of", and "would not of" to Faulty Phrases dictionary. These changes take effect when new dictionaries are installed.


Note: Version lists are usually compiled from submitted (bug) reports.Email: tech support



Grammarian PRO2: Mac

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