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What's New

Grammarian PRO X v1.8.6 update changes:

  • New for Snow Leopard/Leopard functionality/compatibility: Grammarian "Actuator" code automatically activates the Grammarian input menu component as the active input source whenever you switch to an application running in 32-bit mode. Note: The Grammarian input menu will not be active in the Finder. Apple forced the Snow Leopard Finder into 64-bit only, and the Finder still cannot be switched and launched to 32-bit mode.
  • New for Snow Leopard/Leopard functionality/compatibility: Grammarian "Actuator" preference pane. The preference pane allows the activation/deactivation of the Grammarian "Actuator" code. Customize the Grammarian preferences window toolbar by selecting "Customize". Drag the "Activator" icon into the toolbar.

  • The Grammarian "Actuator" provides more reliable Input Menu component switching for Mac OS X 10.5.x and Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6.x.

    The actuator code will automatically become active as the default after installation once the computer is rebooted. Grammarian also installs a login item on Snow Leopard for automatic startup.

  • Fixed: Workaround for Safari/Firefox shared-memory failure crashes.

  • • NOTE: Basic Snow Leopard 64-bit input menu component compatibility information:

    Input method components are not available to applications running in 64-bit mode with Snow Leopard. You still must follow this Snow Leopard 32 bit/64 bit mode FAQ to enable the 32-bit mode with your applications.

    See the FAQ here: Grammarian Input Menu with Snow Leopard 64-bit

Detailed installation instructions are here, so please read: View installation instructions




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