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Grammarian PRO2 X

Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Check


Grammarian PRO2: Grammar
Grammarian PRO2: Mac


Version 2.0.13b16 for Mac OS X 10.6.x to Mac OS X 10.12


Grammarian PRO2 X Update - 22.4 Megabyte file- includes PRO2 upgrade instructions

What's new in this version:


General Fixes


1. Fixed: Document Check Window interface display issues.

2. Fixed: All previous Personal Phrases were lowercase replacements. Grammarian now preserves case of replacment phrase such as: camera roll --> Camera Roll.

3. Fixed: Input Menu slowdown stalls on Sierra.

4. Speed improvements:

1. New faster direct Input Menu/app communication bridge.

2. Faster AutoCorrect and AutoType expansion.

3. Input Menu and Pencil menu submenu items now populate only when file changes occur (dictionaries added and removed) and not during keyboard typing.

4. Fixed a bug in which app communication would occur during typing of word.

5. Reduced calls to the host app that obtain the position of cursor. Some third-party host apps do not handle this call efficiently (thereby slowing typing).

6. Eliminated startup Interactive Checking lag.

7. Speed up Grammarian PRO2 initial installation.

8. Disable Grammarian's Input Menu Grammar Writing Style/Spelling/AutoType submenus under certain Sierra load conditions to insure a Mac OS block doesn't cause a spindump lag. This lag blocking is a new Sierra bug/feature (Grammarian PRO2 2.0.13b16 - debugged on macOS 10.12.4 developer beta). This does not affect Grammarian PRO2's Pencil Menu. 3-15-17

5. Other general bug fixes.



Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

1. Over 385 new grammar check error corrections and grammar check parse fixes.

2. New extended contextual spelling check suggestions.

3. Spelling engine speedup on Interactive Checking and Document Clipboard Checking.

4. Spelling dictionary updates: Personal Names, US English, British, and Australian.

-- Please report any issues.

Note: Version lists are usually compiled from submitted (bug) reports.Email: tech support




Grammarian PRO2: Mac

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